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Helping Sales Managers Leverage Data to be Better Coaches


How can we help Sales Managers Leverage Data?

Data is overwhelming. A lot of managers, when presented with raw unfiltered data, rarely walk away with powerful insights into their team or business. Successful front-line sales managers are also great coaches.  


Based on extensive research with sales managers, I identified their key pain points and crafted the framework for the Coaching product. This eventually formed a powerful piece of the Sales Solution at 


The Coaching product aimed to provide timely insights based on a set of “leading indicators” that could be used to measure a sales rep on their primary goal. It guided a manager towards the best conversations to have with their reps in order to manage risk early. A lot of thought was put into creating a format that surfaced difficult and hard to get “insights” in an easily consumable way. It received significant positive feedback in early testing with most conversations often concluding with the question, “how soon can I get this?”


** This project is under NDA and I am limited in what I can share here. I am more than happy to chat all about it “in person” or over a video conference call.

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