For this project I had the challenge of creating and mapping out all the touch points of a connected device. As someone that struggles everyday with where my keys are I chose to work on a Smart Lock prototype, thinking about and accounting for the physical device, the app and the experience.


From my research I found 4 key insight/opportunity areas:

 # WHERE'S MY KEYS?  People spend a lot of time searching for their keys.

# I'LL LEAVE YOU A KEY  People living in apartments don’t always have a safe place to leave a spare key. They also don’t have multiple spare keys.

# DID I LOCK THE DOOR?  People often wonder if they really did lock the door that day - Especially if they were in a hurry leaving the house.

#I MISSED A DELIVERY, AGAIN!!  People would like to know when someone is at the door. Especially when it comes to receiving deliveries.

Based on my insights I generated HMW's...

 HMW save people time on their way in and out?

HMW help people grant access to their home safely and easily?

HMW reduce anxiety and stress regarding the security of their home?

HMW help people be aware of who is at their door?

The final concept allows a user to remotely lock and unlock the door. The smart doorbell has a camera and sends a notification when doorbell is rung. The user can also interact with the lock interface to notify the owner or use a pin if his phone is dead to gain access. The owner can also create and manage digital keys to share access to the home.

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